Thursday, February 20, 2014

Helping Out

Okay so it seems that I'll be starting an online store. Not because I have nothing better to do, but because I gotta do something to help my mom. She lost her job and is still a year away from being able to fully retire. So, rather than let her sit around and feel sorry for herself, I came up with an idea.

My mom, my Aunt Lora, and I are all crafters and have tons of stuff around our homes we don't use. So we're going to try and sell it online. I used to have my own store online and have this blog plus a couple others, and am on most of the social media sites, so I have that covered. My aunt is a killer seamstress and makes dream catchers and that kind of thing. And Mom makes brooches and paints on flower pots.

We'll never get rich doing this but it's a good way for the three of us to help each other out and do some serious bonding. The store's not open yet but will be by this weekend. As soon as it is, I'll let ya'll know. Wish us luck!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Write What I Know?

They say that in order to write, the best place to start is by writing what you know. So let's think about this one. That's the thing, I know more about the ancient world and mythologies than I do about anything that happened in the past 200 years. How sad is that? But let's go with it.

 The Greek Gods
I'm not a huge fan of the Roman gods merely because the Romans were a roving band of thugs who basically stole the identities of the Greek gods and gave the new names. I know about the ancient Egyptians because her stories seemed to dominate the genre. When you go in search of any information on the ancient world, they still need to be seen as they did all those years ago.

 And I know a little about the ancient Celts, but only what the Romans said about them and a few things that the archaeologists are slowly learning about them. This is my real love. I wish there was more known about the ancient Celts, but unfortunately they didn't leave any written record. The archaeologists are slowly learning more about them as time goes on, but this is a slow process.

 I'm also one of those geeks that likes to watch Ancient Aliens. No, I don't believe most of the stuff that they put out there about them, but some of the stuff is at least plausible. Most of it is just a bunch of crap. Okay, I'll admit it. I watch to see Giorgio Tsokalous and his seriously jacked up hair. Sometimes I think I was born into the wrong frame of time.

 What else do I know?
I know how to garden. I love flowers and plants. I love being a able to grow my own food and get my hands dirty. It's very therapeutic for me. And sadly, that's about it. Anyway, that's the only things that I enjoy learning more about. Well, that's not exactly true. There are a lot of things I'd love to learn but that's a post for another day.