Saturday, September 28, 2013

Elfin By: Quinn Loftis

What do you get when you put an 18-year old high school good girl with an ancient assassin who happens to be an elf?  A book that I personally found to be almost impossible to put down.

I'm not one of those reviewers who's going to give you all the details then pick the book apart.  I'm going to tell you about it the way I see it and I loved this book.  I honestly didn't think I would as I'm not usually into the whole sappy love story thing, but this one is different.  It is a love story, but of a much more mythic caliber.

The main characters are Cassie Tate, a high school girl who's more interested in graduation than anything else, and Triktapic, an ageless elfin assassin who works for the dark elf king.  Not exactly the two people you'd put together in a story, but it works.  Throw in a gothic best friend and some otherworldly characters and you've got the makings for a great fairy tale for a modern age.

The only thing I can say about  this book that I did NOT like is the way it ends.  As this is only the first book in a series, I can understand that there is more to come.  However, I did think the ending was more of a cliffhanger type thing than the end to a book.  I can't wait until the next book comes out just to see where these two end up.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the bomb), I give this book a solid 4.  It moves along as a good pace, the characters are pretty realistic, even if most of them are mythical beings, and there's a great plot line behind it.  There's even a couple of twists in the story just to keep things interesting.

If you like a good story about humans and elves intermingling, check out Elfin by Quinn Loftis.  I'm glad I had the chance to read this book.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When-sdays 9-25-13


Good morning my beautiful creatures.  I'm making sure this prompt gets out there, well, promptly.  LOL.  (Ya, I know.)  You know how this works.  I'll give you the main parts, and you give me the rest.  So as they say in pro wrestling and UFC fighting, "Let's get it on"!!

WHO--Chester Magnusson
WHAT--A pair of pliers
WHERE--The city park
WHY--To pay off a bet
WHEN--Mid October

There you are sweeties.  What can you come up with for this grouping?  Have some ideas???  Let me know and as always, happy writing!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Titles 9-24-13

Well hello my little babies from the flu fields.  That's right my babies, I spent yesterday pretty much laid out thanks to a nasty little flu bug.  Well, part flu bug, part hay fever, part cold.  Let's just say I felt like someone had stuffed one side of my face full of cotton and set the inside of the other side on fire.  I couldn't walk, I couldn't talk, and food was pretty much out of the question. But I still had my coffee, I mean I wasn't THAT sick after all.  LOL

Let's do some titles.  :)

1.) The Yesterday Pill
2.) Cruising Past Infinity
3.) Only The Phoney
4.) Beyond The Curtain
5.) Goddess of the Golden Gate
6.) The Art of Hexting
7.) Past Imperfections
8.) The Spinster's Sisters
9.) In the Shadow of Sunshine
10.) Nocturnal Tendencies

There you go my lovelies.  Please be advised that I am slightly medicated, so take that into account while checking out this week's entries.  Until next time, happy writing.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Read to Write

Far too often, especially online, I meet wannabe writers who claim they don't read as much as they write as though this declaration means they are more earnestly dedicated to the craft than the rest of us. Reading may be as important to writing as writing itself; no amount of education, of any kind, will teach you more than reading - except maybe learning to read critically.

If you really enjoy a piece and know how to read critically, a second read is always important. Your enjoyment the first time through comes from being caught-up in the story. You are unlikely to notice things like structure, pacing, even plot and character development because you are so enrapt in the story that these things go unnoticed. If they are done poorly, they stand-out like sore thumbs - they take you out of the story and you can't not notice them. The second time through, you already know the story so you can keep an eye on how the author works to achieve that suspension of disbelief and carry the reader along.

If you prefer, take notes while you read. Books with wide margins provide plenty of room though your notes can prove hard to find later. Notepad or a similar program can prove most useful here. Include the page, paragraph, and even sentence number along with your notes. You might also purchase a Cliff's Notes of the book and keep your notes in there. It can also provide great insight on everything from symbolism to language use and more - things you might have missed on your own.

Even without taking notes, you should read widely and voraciously, even in genres you don't care to write. Everything you learn is applicable to your development as a proficient, efficient writer.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who Dunnit


Back in the day when I used to do these prompt things all the time, I did a little thing called Who Dunnit.  The way it works is that I'll give you the crime and a list of suspects.  From there, it's up to you to bring it all together.  And remember, just because they're suspects doesn't necessarily mean they're the ones who did it.  Let's have some fun and solve a little mystery. 

1.) THE CRIME: A high school mascot suit is found torn to pieces in the principal's front yard.
THE SUSPECTS: Members of a rival school, the suit's occupant, the football coach, the head cheerleader

2.) THE CRIME: Several business windows are spray-painted over in gold and green.
THE SUSPECTS: The captain of the football team, a group of misfit teenagers, the leader of a political group, a group of men thought to be trying to start a new religion.

3.) THE CRIME: Several wheat fields surrounding a small farming community are set on fire.
THE SUSPECTS: A farmer who's fields weren't set ablaze, a group of boys from a neighboring town, the son of the local sheriff, the wife of the bank's president.

4.) THE CRIME: A pet store is broken into and several of the more exotic animals are stolen.
THE SUSPECTS: A rival pet store owner, a recently fired zookeeper, a group of animal rights activists, a group of local bikers.

There you go my little angels.  Have fun and see what you can come up with.  And you know the way it ends, my lovelies.  Happy Writing!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When-sdays 9-18-13


Hi kids, hope all is going well.  I should have had this posted this morning, but you know how life is.  Gets in the way, gets out of hand, gets lost in the shuffle.  So anyway, here it is, this week's When-sdays issue.  Hope you enjoy and find something that truly inspires you to play.

WHO--Destiny Avarez
WHAT--A 1966 Chevy
WHERE--The Desert
WHY--To get in touch with nature
 WHEN--A Tuesday afternoon

There you go my angels.  Have fun and happy writing

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Titles 9-17-13

I thought since I'd let my muse out to play last night, maybe I could do it again, but I'm not so sure she's up to the task again.  She was all happy to play last night, but she doesn't seem to be anywhere to be found tonight.  I'll do my best to invite her in, so let's see if she's in the mood. 

"Oh gracious goddess muse so light
Come and help my quest to write"

(She loves it when I compliment her.  LOL)

1.) Hidden Fantasies
2.) A Mile From Tomorrow
3.) The Mourning of the Knight
4.) Creatures of the Kind
5.) The Confines of Freedom
6.) Perfectly Imperfect
7.) Deafening Silence
8.) A Mother's Dream
9.) A Day Beyond Forever
10.) Finding A Final Love

There you go my little angels.  Though she wasn't as free with her abilities this round as she was yesterday, it's not all bad.  Have fun and as always, happy writing my lovelies.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Letting My Muse Play


Well my darlings.  With any luck, my Internet issues have been fixed and life as we know it can get on as usual.  With that being said, I believe it's time to get back into the normal swing of things and you know what that means; new prompts.  Whoo hoo!!!  Happy dance!!!

I'm not sure which direction we're headed in this week, so I'm just going to let my muse loose and let her do all the work.  So if these are a bit out of whack, it's her fault, not mine.  LOL.  And away we go!!!

1.) You go to your happy place only to find that it's been overrun with your worst nightmare.  Describe the scene.
2.) You find the mythical lamp of Aladdin is an actual relic and has come into your possession.  You are granted 3 wishes.  What are those wishes and what are the consequences of those wishes?
3.) You come to discover that reincarnation is a real thing and you've lived more than one life.  Tell us about one of your past lives in detail.
4.) The mythical island of Atlantis is discovered and you've been chosen to document the event.  Give us a detailed account of how it was found, what was found to prove it to be Atlantis, and any other details you think important.
5.) You have solid evidence that a mythological beast exists.  Which one is is, what type of evidence do you have, and how to do you go about getting it out to the world without world governments getting to it first?
6.) Scientists have finally created a time machine.  You're the reporter chosen as one of the first to go back in time.  Where do you go?  Who do you meet?  What do they have to say to the future.
7.) You're one of the only people left on Earth. Who's left with you? Where has everyone else gone? How did it happen?
8.) You discover that immortals roam the Earth.  You have the opportunity to interview one of them.  Post that interview.
9.) You meet a woman who claims to be a goddess.  Who is she really?  Where is she from?  What does she do to prove her case?
10.) You're on an archaeological dig and find a long-lost civilization.  Who were they? What did they leave behind? What sets them apart from their contemporaries?

There you go my lovelies.  My muse seems to be working overtime on this one.  She's feeling a little froggy right now, so don't hold me responsible.  LOL

Happy writing my babies.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Literal Laziness

Hi all, this is Manodogs. I am new here but what I have to talk to you about is something to which we all can relate: I am lazy.

I recently received notice of an anthology that is seeking submissions. It is based on a novel by a well-regarded and rather famous author who has been a favorite of mine since childhood. The novel was also turned into a movie but it was ruined by the production company who recut it to make it more palatable to a wider audience. The movie is about 20 years old now and the rights have reverted back to the author (or another film company - I'm not 100% certain how that works) and the author, who also directed the movie, has restored the original cut. The director's cut is set for release later this year with the anthology following shortly thereafter.

I went to eBay and purchased a used copy of the book which I plan to start reading tomorrow while at the doctor's. Once I get through it, I plan on renting the movie on Roku and watching it again.

If my submission is accepted, it could be a real boon for my career. The problem is that the deadline is fast approaching and I have done none of these things...

I actually have an idea already, I just have to read this book, watch this movie, and at least outline the story by, like, this weekend. Then expand that outline into a 5000-word story. Then edit and re-edit it for submission. Then hope for the best.

And the new patch for World of Warcraft just dropped.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Deepest Apologies

As you can see, I didn't get anything posted for the past couple of days.  That's because my computer, my Internet, and most of my other technologically advanced items all went caput.  I spent most of yesterday morning on the phone with the Internet company, Dell, and anyone else who would listen to me whine.  But that's what I get for living in the sticks.  Turns out the problem is/was that the lines that come into my house aren't all that great.  Go figure!!

Hopefully I'll be able to get back into it next week with our regularly scheduled happy thoughts.  I want to post my review for the book I just finished writing, get back into our weekly prompts and maybe just hang out and have coffee or something. 

I want all my readers to know how much I appreciate them and how much the mean to me.  It does my heart good to know that someone out there is reading my blog and getting something out of it.  You guys and gals rock and make what I do worth doing. 

Happy writing my angel babies!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Titles 9-10-13

Good morning my angel babies.  I hope you're all having a good week so far and writing your little hearts out.  I'm happy to announce that I've finished the first book from my NetGalley  book site and I'll be doing a review of it in the next few days.  But for now, it's time to check out this week's story titles.  Not sure where I'm going to go with this, but let's find out, shall we???

1.) Never Knowing November
2.) Beyond the Call
3.) Deafening Whispers
4.) The Cries of the King
5.) Inside the Walled Garden
6.) Crossing the Golden Line
7.) The Assassin's Pride
8.) A Force From Tomorrow
9.) Facing a Past of Sorrows
10.) The Days of Grey Skies

There you go, kiddies.  Have fun and let your minds wander into these new worlds.  I double dog dare ya.  LOL.  Happy writing my babies.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mythic Beasts Abound

One of the things I love most about mythology are the many monsters and beasts that seem to shape just about every ancient myth from around the world.  Even the Bible told of great beasts such as the Leviathan and the Behemoth that roamed the Earth in the earliest of days.  So, my pretties, I'm going to invent a grouping of mythical beasts and give you a brief description.  You get to give them their stories, their heroes, and even their fates.  Are they good or bad?  Well that's all up to you.

1.) The Gamavole
A cave-dwelling being with 2 sets of eyes and triple clawed toes.
2.) Cariomni
A humanoid type creature that breathes through its skin and smells like fresh cut grass.
3.) The Almoriphance
A serpentine creature that lives in cold waters.
4.) Pangafore
A nocturnal beast with purple scales and no eyes.
5.) Mannochetta
A creature who resembles a woman without hair.
6.) La Forellania
Beings who have the ability to blend into their surroundings
7.) The Onavari
Winged creatures who live primarily in the mountains
8.) Colirama
Tiny creatures that live in trees and the ability to mimic anything they hear
9.) Stranka
A beast with 3 heads, one of which is blind, and one of which breathes out a toxic mist
10.) The Norvands
A tribe of shape-shifting beings who thrive on yellow flowers

There you go kids.  Have fun and see what you can do with these creatures.  You can make them evil, friendly, or you can choose more than one and have a monster war.  Whatever floats your boats, my babies.  Happy Writing!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Ab Fab Blogging Buddy

Hey kids.  In the coming days, weeks, etc., you might notice some posts from someone other than me.  Don't freak, he's a good guy.  I'd like you all to meet one of my dearest blogging buddies, ManoDogs, aka Christopher Lynn.  He's got a few issues, but I promise he's pretty much harmless.

I met MOD several years ago in one of the many blogging communities I belonged to and we just kinda hit it off.  He's probably one of the most proficient bloggers I've ever known, while still being able to keep his own voice.  He runs several blogs, but he's most known for his site The Rundown.  On this site, he reviews all kinds of things such as movies, games, people in the news, people who do stupid stuff.  That kind of thing.  And he's been doing it for quite some time now.

Check out his site because in the coming months I'll be doing some guest posts on the site.  I'm kind of excited about it.  It's been a long time since I did regular posts on a site like his.  He runs another site called The OddBlog.  This one's a bit out of the ordinary, however.  It's got a lot to do with the unexplained and supernatural stuff.  If that's not quite your cup of tea, you might not want to stop by.  But if you get into that kind of thing, check it out.  I'll be doing some things over there as well.

It's important to make friends in this industry, not just contacts.  Contacts will come and go, but friends will be there to help you out no matter what.  Go visit my Ab Fab buddy, he's the bomb!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

LegendFire Writing Community

Okay, first of all I have to apologize for this not getting posted before now.  If I work this just right, it will still technically be posted on Friday.  It's been a one of those weeks where if it can go wrong, it has.  But that's not important at the moment.

My plan for this post was to find some free writing communities for you all to check out, but I think I'm only going to showcase one.  Not because they're not out there, but I think it's better to just focus on one site at a time, plus it will give me fodder for future posts.  LOL

I found a pretty neat little writing forum called LegendFire.  I had to sign up before I wrote anything about it, as I thought it would be a good idea to see the inside before offering it up.  I'd make a great real estate agent.  Anyway, I was happy with what I found.

The first thing I always look for in a writing forum is when it was last updated.  If it looks like no one has done anything for some time, I won't waste my time.  This site had been updated only moments before I joined so that was a plus.  But let's talk about the real stuff.

One of the things this site offers is work critiques.  This includes all fiction, poetry, and non-fiction works.  There's a room called The Shredder and that's pretty much what happens to your work in there.  Other members shred it to pieces, but in a good way.  It's meant for anyone who wants brutally honest reviews of their work and suggestions on ways to improve it.  Probably won't see anything of mine in there anytime soon.

The site also has rooms for writing challenges, word games, and one for just general conversation.  They offer a group of rooms called The Knowledge Base which is made for those in search of information about writing, resources, and needs some questions answered.

One of the others things I look for in a writing community is in the introduction section.  I hate introducing myself, but it's always the first step in getting noticed.  In most other sites, I might get the room moderator to say hi once I've introduced myself.  This time, I had 3 people stop in and say hi, and a couple even took the time to stop by and see my blog.  SCORE!!!  Yeah, I was kinda happy.

I'm still getting a feel for the site, but all in all, I'm happy.  If you want to join in on the fun, the cost is a big, fat zero (aka free).  And if you do join, look me up.  You'll find me under the user name Miss Chris.  If I come across any bumps in the road, I'll let you know.  But until then, happy writing my angel babies!!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

September's 3-Word Scares

I thought we'd do another round of 3-word prompts today.  I kind of like doing this one, just to see what others can come up with.  So here's your mission, should you choose to take it.  Choose one of the groupings of 3 words and see what kind of thriller/mystery/scary story you can come up with.  Let your imaginations run wild or run for the hills, whatever.  LOL

1.) A broken tea cup, a rabbit's foot, a torn piece of paper
2.) A silver earring, a toy car, a tree branch
3.) A foot print, a model airplane, a lemon seed
4.) A candy box, 3 hair pins, an old spice rack
5.) A library card, a box of crayons, an oil lamp
6.) A bicycle chain, a cracked picture frame, a bottle of talcum powder
7.) A rotary phone, a butane lighter, a wooden box
8.) A lace handkerchief, an ornate tea tray, a hand mirror
9.) A hunting bow, a fishing pole, a snow globe
10.) A baby book, a porcelain doll, an old painting

Okay kids, make me proud.  Let's see where these ideas will take you and your imagination.  Have fun and as always, happy writing.  :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When-sdays 9-4-13


I wasn't sure how to do this one for today.  It's going to have to be a quick one as I don't have much time to play today.  So with that being said, here we go.  Let's hope it comes out as well as I hope.  LOL

WHO--Bobby Anderson
WHAT--An old baseball glove
WHERE--The attic of an old house
WHY--Reliving the past

There you go my lovelies.  I know it's not one of my best, but I think I've got a story growing just from putting this one together.  We'll see, maybe I'll even post something with this grouping in mind.  Have fun kids and happy writing.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Titles 9-3-13

In yesterday's post, we looked at the world through the eyes of a child.  Let's keep with that theme and see what kinds of titles we can come up with that would work for a children's book.  I always thought about writing a children's book but knowing that the only thing I can draw is flies, I never got it done.  So here we go kiddies, let's have some fun.

1.) The Peanut Butter Express
2.) Flowers in the Field
3.) Taking a Trip to Timbuktu
4.) Got to Go, Got to Grow
5.) A Pretty Pet for Patty
6.) A Shoe for a Shrew
7.) The World Beyond The Garden
8.) The Rainbow Dragon
9.) Horses, Houses, and Helping Hands
10.) Marshmallow Mountain

There you go kids. Use them as you see fit and have a good time in the process.  And as always, happy writing!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Through the Eyes of a Child


Children see the world through different eyes.  They fear the monsters under the bed.  They still believe in fairies, the man in the moon, and the boogeyman.  They don't just think Santa is real, they know he is.  This week, I want to view the "other" world through child-like eyes.  And remember, some of the things seen in this way isn't all rainbows and balloons.

1.) Invent a new holiday. Tell us about what time of year it takes place, how it's celebrated, and create an iconic being to be the face of your new holiday.
2.) You find you have the ability to see children's imaginary friends.  Choose one and tell us about them.
3.) You've been transported to a world you thought you made up as a kid.  Tell us about it using as much detail as possible.
4.) You have the ability to actually see through the eyes of children.  Describe your surroundings in that sense.
5.) Interview the monster that lived under your bed or in your closet.
6.) Some believe children can see and talk to angels.  Tell us what you think they're seeing and/or talking to.
7.) Create a scenario explaining why the young can see things that can't be seen as they get older.
8.) Look at any picture drawn by a child and write a story about what you see.
9.) You've just moved into a new house haunted by a little girl.  Tell us about her world from her POV.
10.) Think about what you were most afraid of as a child.  Write a piece using that fear as the basis for your story.

There you are, kids.  Remember to write your pieces as fanciful as possible.  They can be happy, sad, scary, or whatever you feel.  Just remember to have a good time during the process.  Happy writing my lovelies.