Monday, September 2, 2013

Through the Eyes of a Child


Children see the world through different eyes.  They fear the monsters under the bed.  They still believe in fairies, the man in the moon, and the boogeyman.  They don't just think Santa is real, they know he is.  This week, I want to view the "other" world through child-like eyes.  And remember, some of the things seen in this way isn't all rainbows and balloons.

1.) Invent a new holiday. Tell us about what time of year it takes place, how it's celebrated, and create an iconic being to be the face of your new holiday.
2.) You find you have the ability to see children's imaginary friends.  Choose one and tell us about them.
3.) You've been transported to a world you thought you made up as a kid.  Tell us about it using as much detail as possible.
4.) You have the ability to actually see through the eyes of children.  Describe your surroundings in that sense.
5.) Interview the monster that lived under your bed or in your closet.
6.) Some believe children can see and talk to angels.  Tell us what you think they're seeing and/or talking to.
7.) Create a scenario explaining why the young can see things that can't be seen as they get older.
8.) Look at any picture drawn by a child and write a story about what you see.
9.) You've just moved into a new house haunted by a little girl.  Tell us about her world from her POV.
10.) Think about what you were most afraid of as a child.  Write a piece using that fear as the basis for your story.

There you are, kids.  Remember to write your pieces as fanciful as possible.  They can be happy, sad, scary, or whatever you feel.  Just remember to have a good time during the process.  Happy writing my lovelies.


  1. Oh, I love this one! Seriously, it might be my favorite so far. Writing through the eyes of a child is probably the most enlightening way to write!

  2. I had fun with this one. My granddaughter lives with me and seeing the world with her has been a real "eye opener". LOL