Monday, September 9, 2013

Mythic Beasts Abound

One of the things I love most about mythology are the many monsters and beasts that seem to shape just about every ancient myth from around the world.  Even the Bible told of great beasts such as the Leviathan and the Behemoth that roamed the Earth in the earliest of days.  So, my pretties, I'm going to invent a grouping of mythical beasts and give you a brief description.  You get to give them their stories, their heroes, and even their fates.  Are they good or bad?  Well that's all up to you.

1.) The Gamavole
A cave-dwelling being with 2 sets of eyes and triple clawed toes.
2.) Cariomni
A humanoid type creature that breathes through its skin and smells like fresh cut grass.
3.) The Almoriphance
A serpentine creature that lives in cold waters.
4.) Pangafore
A nocturnal beast with purple scales and no eyes.
5.) Mannochetta
A creature who resembles a woman without hair.
6.) La Forellania
Beings who have the ability to blend into their surroundings
7.) The Onavari
Winged creatures who live primarily in the mountains
8.) Colirama
Tiny creatures that live in trees and the ability to mimic anything they hear
9.) Stranka
A beast with 3 heads, one of which is blind, and one of which breathes out a toxic mist
10.) The Norvands
A tribe of shape-shifting beings who thrive on yellow flowers

There you go kids.  Have fun and see what you can do with these creatures.  You can make them evil, friendly, or you can choose more than one and have a monster war.  Whatever floats your boats, my babies.  Happy Writing!!!


  1. Wow. I think all of these deserve a spot on my post for developing new words in the english language. Don't you think?

    You must have worked hard on this! I like the yellow flowers idea, by the way. I really think that can go somewhere.

  2. Awww thanks honey. I love doing things like this and I really didn't work as hard at it as you might think. It's just how my warped little mind works. LOL

    I kinda liked the yellow flower thing myself. I have a thing for yellow flowers myself and that's where that came from. Glad you enjoyed it. You're the bomb Babe!!!!!