Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who Dunnit


Back in the day when I used to do these prompt things all the time, I did a little thing called Who Dunnit.  The way it works is that I'll give you the crime and a list of suspects.  From there, it's up to you to bring it all together.  And remember, just because they're suspects doesn't necessarily mean they're the ones who did it.  Let's have some fun and solve a little mystery. 

1.) THE CRIME: A high school mascot suit is found torn to pieces in the principal's front yard.
THE SUSPECTS: Members of a rival school, the suit's occupant, the football coach, the head cheerleader

2.) THE CRIME: Several business windows are spray-painted over in gold and green.
THE SUSPECTS: The captain of the football team, a group of misfit teenagers, the leader of a political group, a group of men thought to be trying to start a new religion.

3.) THE CRIME: Several wheat fields surrounding a small farming community are set on fire.
THE SUSPECTS: A farmer who's fields weren't set ablaze, a group of boys from a neighboring town, the son of the local sheriff, the wife of the bank's president.

4.) THE CRIME: A pet store is broken into and several of the more exotic animals are stolen.
THE SUSPECTS: A rival pet store owner, a recently fired zookeeper, a group of animal rights activists, a group of local bikers.

There you go my little angels.  Have fun and see what you can come up with.  And you know the way it ends, my lovelies.  Happy Writing!!!

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  1. Ha ha, a group of local bikers taking the exotic pets. I like it! Whodunnit's are classic. Love it!

    I'm so bad at mystery, by the way. I should do these more often to get better at it.