Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Titles 9-17-13

I thought since I'd let my muse out to play last night, maybe I could do it again, but I'm not so sure she's up to the task again.  She was all happy to play last night, but she doesn't seem to be anywhere to be found tonight.  I'll do my best to invite her in, so let's see if she's in the mood. 

"Oh gracious goddess muse so light
Come and help my quest to write"

(She loves it when I compliment her.  LOL)

1.) Hidden Fantasies
2.) A Mile From Tomorrow
3.) The Mourning of the Knight
4.) Creatures of the Kind
5.) The Confines of Freedom
6.) Perfectly Imperfect
7.) Deafening Silence
8.) A Mother's Dream
9.) A Day Beyond Forever
10.) Finding A Final Love

There you go my little angels.  Though she wasn't as free with her abilities this round as she was yesterday, it's not all bad.  Have fun and as always, happy writing my lovelies.


  1. You should check out a writing group that I"m a part of. www.obeythemuse.com I think you'd really like them. Especially because you believe in the muse!

  2. Coming to check it out Sweetie. I love writing groups!