Sunday, September 15, 2013

Literal Laziness

Hi all, this is Manodogs. I am new here but what I have to talk to you about is something to which we all can relate: I am lazy.

I recently received notice of an anthology that is seeking submissions. It is based on a novel by a well-regarded and rather famous author who has been a favorite of mine since childhood. The novel was also turned into a movie but it was ruined by the production company who recut it to make it more palatable to a wider audience. The movie is about 20 years old now and the rights have reverted back to the author (or another film company - I'm not 100% certain how that works) and the author, who also directed the movie, has restored the original cut. The director's cut is set for release later this year with the anthology following shortly thereafter.

I went to eBay and purchased a used copy of the book which I plan to start reading tomorrow while at the doctor's. Once I get through it, I plan on renting the movie on Roku and watching it again.

If my submission is accepted, it could be a real boon for my career. The problem is that the deadline is fast approaching and I have done none of these things...

I actually have an idea already, I just have to read this book, watch this movie, and at least outline the story by, like, this weekend. Then expand that outline into a 5000-word story. Then edit and re-edit it for submission. Then hope for the best.

And the new patch for World of Warcraft just dropped.

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  1. Hello my angel!!! I'm so glad you posted. :) Let us know how it goes!!!