Thursday, September 5, 2013

September's 3-Word Scares

I thought we'd do another round of 3-word prompts today.  I kind of like doing this one, just to see what others can come up with.  So here's your mission, should you choose to take it.  Choose one of the groupings of 3 words and see what kind of thriller/mystery/scary story you can come up with.  Let your imaginations run wild or run for the hills, whatever.  LOL

1.) A broken tea cup, a rabbit's foot, a torn piece of paper
2.) A silver earring, a toy car, a tree branch
3.) A foot print, a model airplane, a lemon seed
4.) A candy box, 3 hair pins, an old spice rack
5.) A library card, a box of crayons, an oil lamp
6.) A bicycle chain, a cracked picture frame, a bottle of talcum powder
7.) A rotary phone, a butane lighter, a wooden box
8.) A lace handkerchief, an ornate tea tray, a hand mirror
9.) A hunting bow, a fishing pole, a snow globe
10.) A baby book, a porcelain doll, an old painting

Okay kids, make me proud.  Let's see where these ideas will take you and your imagination.  Have fun and as always, happy writing.  :)


  1. I like 8 the best, but I'm going to combine a broken tea cup with a porcelain doll and a hand mirror see what i come up with. . . .

  2. ooooo, very cool. Can't wait to read it!!!!