Friday, August 30, 2013

Free Prompt Generators

Hi kids.  You'll have to bear with me today as thanks to my gas company, I now know the meaning of the term "mad enough to spit nails".  But I'll get over it and life goes on.

Today I'm going to showcase some other sites that offer free writing prompts.  I know this seems like I'm kicking myself, but I think it's important to give writers a shot at finding other places to come up with ideas.  I'd like to think that someday, someone will do the same for me, but that's not the main issue.  It's all about the writing, not where you found the inspiration.  Here's a couple different places I've found that help me with my writing ideas.

1.) Free Prompt Generator
This is a simple little tool to help you come up with writing ideas.  You can go back and forth, or you can simply hit random and see what pops up.  The page looks like it was created for school kids, but I think it's a great place to get started.
2.) Language is a Virus
This generator is a little more directed towards adults.  Again, simply hit the button to find random ideas to work with.  It's pretty straight forward and there's some interesting ideas from this one.
3.) Adam Maxwell's Fiction Lounge
This one's a little harder to use, but not much.  Instead of simply hitting the random button, you just refresh the page.  It's finding the prompt that's hard.  It's in a little box next to the sidebar of the site.  Little off, but it works and there's some cool ideas there as well.
4.) Writing Fix
This one's a little off-beat, but it still works.  It's been awhile since this one was updated, but there are still a lot of ideas generated from this site.  Easy to use, not so easy to find.
5.) Grab Bag Writing Prompts
I kinda like this one as it gives you the choice of how many words you want generated in your prompt.  Choose from 1 to 10, you get however many words you choose.  And I mean just that, you get random words.  The other generators on this list give you random ideas, this one just gives you words.  Kind of a cool idea I think.

Well there you go kids.  I hope you find something worth writing about.  It never hurts to look outside for help, I know I do.  Have fun and happy writing.


  1. Chuck Wendig has done some things like this, but his prompts are never quite as thorough as yours, nor as frequent. I love it! This is definitely my number one spot to come if I need inspiration.

  2. Aww thanks honey. I love doing them. They keep me going and knowing that I'm giving someone else something to write about makes me feel like I'm doing my part for the community as a whole. :)