Monday, August 19, 2013

Living The Mythic Life

 Mythic Mondays

According to Webster's online dictionary, mythic means something unreal, fictitious, or imaginary. With the onslaught of paranormal fiction on the market, it's obvious that all things mythic have taken on a genuine feel. And because this is one of my favorite genres, I think it's only fitting to add a bit of ourselves into this week's round.

~*~Describe your life as though telling a fairy tale~*~

~*~Create your own superhero based on your life. Discuss their goals, their purpose, their costumes, and even their sidekicks~*~

~*~Retell your favorite childhood stories from a different point of view~*~

~*~Choose one of today's biggest stars and tell their story as though they're being discussed by someone 5,000 years from now~*~

~*~You wake up to find yourself in an unknown place. Describe it—show us all the things you see and feel. Make us believe you're in a real place no matter how out-of-this-world it may seem~*~

I hope these make you think and give you something to write about. And as always, happy writing!

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