Saturday, August 17, 2013

People, Places, And Things

I sure what I wanted to do for my first weekend anything-goes party, but I think I came up with something.  I pulled out some of my old notebooks and started looking at a few of the prompts I'd written in the past and came up with something totally different.  Okay, it's not totally different, but it's not something I'd done before.  I'm taking a little bit from different ideas I'd had in the past and merged them all together.  Here's the idea.  I'm going to post 5 different characters, 5 different places, and 5 different items.  You can either mix and match them, use them in order, or if you're up for a killer challenge, find a way to use them ALL in one story.  Here we go:

1.) Michael Abernathy--A lawfirm accountant with a secret in his past
2.) Jason Peters--An aging race car driver fighting with his inner demons
3.) Angela Morganstern--A twice-married school teacher who makes a life-changing decision
4.) Childress--A single dad trying to connect with his teenaged daughter
5.) Riley Fitzpatrick--A Vegas showgirl searching for the mother she's never known

1.) A parking garage in California
2.) A long forgotten cemetery at the edge of town
3.) A restaurant in New York City
4.) A corn field in Iowa
5.) A fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico

1.) A purple crayon
2.) A set of pearl earrings
3.) A linen napkin
4.) A toy car
5.) An antique parasol

There ya go kids.  Mix and match, play with them all, but whatever you do, WRITE!!!  Have fun my friends.  Happy Writing!!!!!


  1. Childress, in a cornfield, with the purple crayon. NICE!

  2. LOL, I forgot to add his first name, but that's okay. you give him a name. LOL
    Sounds like a game of clue!