Thursday, August 15, 2013

3-Word Scares


The Horror Flick

Some of the best scary stories are created from the most mundane things. For our first prompt option, I'm going to give you 3 off-the-wall items and it's up to you to create a story around them.

**A stuffed animal, 3 hairpins, an old flag**
**A yellowed picture, a stack of newspapers, a cracked vase**
**A piece of ribbon, a box of broken crayons, an angel statuette**
**An old diary, a set of lace curtains, some dried flowers**
**A lamp shade, a doll, an old painting**
**A ring, a stack of letters, an old cigar box**
**A rattlesnake rattle, a flower pot, a pair of scissors**
**A music box, a tea cup, a toy gun**
**A wicker basket, an old china hutch, a wooden crate**
**A trophy, a bowling pin, a page out of a book**

Have fun with this one. What can you come up with, we'd love to see it. And as always, happy writing.   


  1. I just started reading a horror story from someone requesting a book review, so this prompt seemed very appropriate. :)