Thursday, August 29, 2013

People Watching

Have you ever just sat and watched people?  People do some really odd things when they don't know their being watched.  But it's kind of fun to just watch people and try to figure out their lives.  For today's Thriller Thursday entry, I'm going to give you a name and a bit of information about them.  Create a complete bio for these characters and remember to add a chilling aspect to their lives.

1.) Bradley Ferrisburg----a 4-inch scar across his chin
2.) Carri Ann Donahue---can't look people in the eye
3.) Francis McAllister---walks with a pronounced limp
4.) George Peterson---has a fear of blue cars
5.) Annie Paxton---always wears a silver rose brooch
6.) Jason Landers---never sleeps under the covers
7.) Dale Greenwood---always crosses his fingers when he passes a graveyard
8.) Lela Forester---refuses to eat peanut butter
9.) Carla Bentley---is terrified of cats
10.) Charles Carlyle---won't travel out of the city alone

There you go kids.  Have fun with this one and let us know who these people are.  And as always, happy writing.


  1. I just had to stop and say that I'm obsessed with people watching. It's truly my favorite past time. Sometimes I find these old gems to sit and talk to who are also people watching- also my favorite.

  2. I spent the weekend at my fiancee's family reunion and did a lot of people watching. Interesting way to really find out about the people you're about to become related to. LOL. It was a blast though.