Sunday, August 11, 2013

Daily Doses of Prompts

I found another writing prompt site that I thought sounded like a great idea.  The site is called Prompt A Day and they offered free prompts in fiction, non-fiction, and multi-media.  I was saddened to see that they hadn't updated the site since April of 2010, but I can totally relate.  However, it did get me to thinking about ways of keeping myself writing and getting back into providing my writing prompts as I used to do in the good ole' days.

Now, I'm not the kind of person who's going to take someone else's idea and just steal it.  I'd be way upset if that happened to me, so I'm going to tweak it just a bit.  I'm going to try and offer up a couple different ideas each day and will probably keep them in the fiction genre.  I might throw in a couple non-fic ideas, but I'm really trying to keep with the fiction thing here.  After all, it's always been my dream to be a fiction writer.

I used to have a thousand different ideas on writing prompts so I'll just dig into some of my old notebooks and see what's in there.  I used to do all my prompts with pen and paper as it seemed to get my brain moving a little better.  Maybe by reliving a little of the past, I can make myself a new future.  Sounds good in theory anyway.  LOL

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