Monday, August 26, 2013

Writing From The Other Side

As I was trying to decide on which way to go with this post today, I got an update from one of the sites I subscribe to KCross Writing.  I just love this chick, she's a blast.  Today she posted a piece of flash fiction from prompts she'd found on another site.  It's not the prompts that caught me, but the story itself.  It just kind of grabbed me in a way I didn't think a story would.  It's about an uncle trying to explain life after death to his young nephew.  It's a great story and you should really read it.  Anyway, it made me think about the ways we humans look at the hereafter.  Since the dawn of time, we've always thought that there was something beyond this life.  There is even evidence that the Neanderthals believed in life after death.  So, let's see where our imaginations can go with these ideas.

1.) We finally find life on another planet.  Describe the afterlife as they see it.
2.) You're given the chance to have a conversation with an angel.  Tell us about it using as much detail as possible.
3.) Choose any god/goddess from the world's mythologies and tell how they'd fit into our modern society.
4.) How are today's ideas of the afterlife the same as in ancient times, and how are they different?
5.) Invent your own religion, complete with pantheon of deities, beasts, and heroes.
6.) You're given the chance to travel into the future.  How are the views of life after death different than they are today.
7.) If you could be a god or goddess, who would you be and why?
8.) Describe Purgatory in your own ideas and words.
9.) You've just crossed over.  What do you see, who's there to meet you, and where do you go from there?
10.) You're on trial for your eternal life.  Plead you're case as to why you should go up instead of down.

There ya go kids.  Let your imaginations run wild in the Elysian Fields or through the bowels of the Earth.  Whichever way you go, have fun and happy writing.


  1. I can't even tell you how much this made my day.

    Actually, week. I was so excited to read this, and most excited that my story made you think! (Heck, it's still making me think!)

    Thanks so much for the support and shout out!

  2. No problem honey, and thank you for writing that story. It was way awesome. You made my day by being my inspiration!