Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yes It's Another Nano Post

Well, day one is well under way.  To be honest, I almost backed out.  I know everyone else jumps in and has all their ideas ready to go and kicks butt in the first week.  Not me, I'm just the opposite.  And the biggest issue was that up until I actually started writing today, I still wasn't sure in which direction my story was going to go.  But go it did and I'm happy to say that day one ended with over 2000 words down.

So I won't go into a lot of details about the story, but I've decided to go the fantasy/paranormal route.  Not so much because I planned it, but because that's where my characters decided I was going.  Yep, I'm letting my characters write the story for me, after all, it is their story. 

I'm not a huge romance person, but I do love a good romance and this story seems to be starting out that way.  My lead female, Lydia, meets and falls for a guy called Martin.  The kicker is that she's plagued by horrible nightmares and he's the first person in her life that doesn't tell her it's all in her head and that there might be a real reason behind the dreams.  That's all I can tell you so far, as that's all I know.  But I think he really wants to help her, the problem is that I don't know yet if she really wants to be helped.  Does that make any sense?

I'm enjoying this story, so far.  The main reason I've only finished Nano once was because I enjoyed the story I wrote from beginning to end.  The others got stale and I had a hard time finding a way to keep the momentum going and baled.  I know, bad toad.  Oddly enough, the only other time I finished, I let my characters write that story too.  So maybe that's the secret.  I don't know for sure, but we'll see where the month goes. 

Okay, I think I've bored you enough.  I need to get some sleep and try to figure out where the story's going to go from here.  If anyone's doing nano and wants to add me as a buddy, you can find me under the name crsenter.

Happy Writing, ya'll!!!

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  1. Yeay! Good for you. I'm glad you decided to go through with it. I love reading Nano updates. I think it's fun to see where everyone is at. Good for you.

    Also, I always let my characters decide their own fate. It's hard to explain to people who don't write, but characters really are people unto themselves!